Meet Jean

We are so grateful to be able to call Jean a friend of Single Parent Provision. Jean has been an enthusiast of SPP since first coming to know us. Her enthusiasm quickly turned into advocacy, as she began sharing the work of our organization with others in her life. Jean became involved from day one and hasn't let up since! For our Annual Single Moms Christmas Dinner alone she joyfully asked many to contribute, shopped for gifts, wrapped gifts, coordinated and delivered donation room items, hosted a table and on and on. She's helped gather resources for us to make available to single parents, and most importantly, she genuinely cares - she cares about this organization, and she cares about single parent families. She doesn't need to be convinced of the importance of this work, she's understood it from day one.

Jean, the biggest THANK YOU to you for caring enough to take action and jumping in to contribute to furthering our mission. You are a blessing to this organization and to the single parents we serve. Thank you for your dedication and ongoing support. We appreciate you and are honored to call you friend!

Published May 2016

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