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This Single Moms Group meets Wednesday evenings at Hope+Elim in Des Moines. The group meets on a weekly basis, October through May, allowing single moms time to connect with others walking a similar journey and, together, seek what matters most. At each gathering, single moms can expect time to share, listen, laugh, and grow while participating in relevant studies in a healthy, encouraging environment.

StudyIn addition to connection time that happens, the group goes through various studies throughout the year and will begin with a series focused on dating. Whether you are currently dating, have desire to in the future, or are not interested in dating whatsoever, this study does a wonderful job equipping you to navigate these waters in a healthy way. Even if you have no interest in dating, this study helps lay a healthy foundation should you desire to in the future and can serve as an amazing resource as you help your children navigate dating as they grow. This study unpacks how misinformation from our culture plays a big role in how we navigate dating and relationships, and by removing the misinformation, the path forward becomes clearer.

Dinner is provided for moms and their children from 5:00-6:00PM with moms then meeting from 6:20-7:30PM.

Children and youth programming happens during the group meeting time and is provided by Hope+Elim. Nursery is provided for birth through 3 year olds (not potty-trained). Hope+Elim Kids is available for children 3 years old (potty trained) through 4th grade. 5th graders are welcome to take part in Hope+Elim Kids as volunteers. 6th-12th graders can take part in middle and high school youth programming. Information about children and youth programming can be found on the Hope+Elim website:

To participate in this Single Moms Group, watch for registration to open on the right before this group kicks off in October. If you have questions, please email us at

We look forward to having you join us!

**Visit our Calendar Page for a complete list of dates.

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