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Our story is important because the stories of single parent families are important.

We are thrilled and honored to begin sharing with you stories of single parents connected with Single Parent Provision. Each month we have the great privilege of giving you this inside look at the stories of single parent families in our community. 

Meet Alycia
Meet Christine
Meet Edvonna
Meet Kate
Meet Ruthann

Meet Our Featured Families

Meet Edvonna - Edvonna had quite a shock when she found out she was going to have a baby at age 40. 

Meet Brent - Brent works hard to make the most of the time he spends with his son. 

Meet Ruthann - Ruthann never envisioned her journey to include being a divorced, single mom. 

Meet Alycia - As a single mom of six, Alycia knows why it's so important to stay encouraged. 

Meet Kate - Kate knows what it feels like when you realize you are not alone. 

Meet Christine - "What I really like and appreciate is that it (SPP) is just so positive." 

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