Have you ever felt the need to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Of course you have – you were made that way AND you’re on the volunteer page. Single Parent Provision cannot run without talented volunteers, and it’s due to the generous time, talent and effort of people like you that we’re able to operate.

Serving others can provide some of the richest and most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Following are a few of the volunteer roles available at Single Parent Provision.

    •  Program Advocates
    •  Meal Providers
    •  Youth Engagement Team
    •  Mentors
    •  Office and Administrative Support
    •  Event Committees

    Some roles require a background check be performed prior to serving. Such details are provided in the registration confirmation email. You may also access the background check authorization by clicking here.

    It takes hundreds of volunteers each year to help us fulfill our mission. Thanks to each of you who join us to invest in single parents and their families!

    Enjoy getting to know some of the key players we are privileged to highlight on our Volunteer Spotlight page...


    Click a volunteer opportunity below to learn more and to register. 

    Click HERE to learn more about volunteering for the Annual Single Moms Christmas Dinner.

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