Meet Brenda

When thinking of Brenda, the word faithful comes to mind. Brenda is faithful not only in the special things she helps with at SPP but throughout her life - that's just who she is! And we have the great honor of knowing her and serving together with her. Brenda seeks to know where there's a need and then dives in to help meet it. And when she commits to something, she gives a 110% to see it come to fruition. She far exceeds expectations in EVERYTHING she helps with, and we are SO GRATEFUL for her.

Anyone who has attended the Single Moms Christmas Dinner has heard of the famous baskets. Well Brenda and her team of wonderful helpers are the ones behind them! In addition to the thoughtful, elaborate baskets, Brenda is a vital part of the decorations team for the event. She helps plan, execute, and organize the beauty so many get to enjoy. Brenda has also helped organize our storage space, host a table for our Spring Banquet, and is a genuine advocate for Single Parent Provision.

Brenda, you are loved, and we are so grateful for you!! 

Published June 2019

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