Meet Cassi

“I didn’t know it was possible to be this tired!” Cassi laughs as she describes life as a single parent whose toddler isn’t a good sleeper.

Cassi works in the software industry, as well as working on her passion to help others who are traveling a similar road. “I want to help other women build lives they love,” she says.

Her single parent journey started when her daughter was only a couple weeks old when her marriage came to a breaking point and ultimately ended in divorce. Through those difficult and painful circumstances, Cassi realized, “God is going to use this and I need to be brave enough to allow that to happen. A lot of the most beautiful things are painful and hard. And I’ve seen God’s blessing through that – it has helped me cultivate the truly beautiful life I have now with my daughter.”

She says, “Of course there is always the financial worry you have a single parent, but I think the biggest challenge is the mental burden. Feeling alone, especially in the times when you’ve been up five nights straight and there’s no one to tap you out.” She adds, “Those first few weeks were the most difficult. That’s where your village comes in. Community is such a key piece to it all.”

Cassi lost her father a few years ago. Earlier this year, both Cassi and her mom sold their houses and bought a new house and remodeled it and moved in together. “It took a while for us to make it happen, but it’s been really good for us.”

“I find that joy and grief can co-exist. We don’t have to discredit the things of life that are hard in order to appreciate the blessings we have,” she says. “My life is very joyful and I’m excited about great opportunities coming. I love the relationship my daughter and I have. She is getting to see me as a happy, healthy person.”

The best advice she can give other single parents is to, “Letting go of the ‘what should have been’ will allow you to truly embrace the joy of the ‘what is’. Stop comparing what you thought life would be to the life you already have. That helps us enjoy the beautiful things happening right now.”

When Cassi thinks of SPP, “I think of community. I’ve met a lot of really great, strong women through SPP. It’s been such a huge blessing for me over the last couple of years.” She says she’s been a part of an SPP Single Moms Group, and that’s played an integral part in her journey. “And, both my mom and I are coming to this year’s Single Moms Christmas Dinner!”

Thank you, Cassi! We are excited for your opportunities ahead!

Published December 2019

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