Meet Chantal

Chantal is an energetic mom to four wonderful children. “It gets hard sometimes, but in the end, (being a mom) is such an amazing experience.”

“I was pregnant at 16, gave birth to my daughter at 17 before moving to Des Moines,” Chantal says. She met the father of her three younger children after that, and they had an on and off again relationship for seven years before going their separate ways. 

“I’d say my kids have inspired me to finish what I start,” Chantal says. In May, she will graduate with an Administrative degree while working full-time. “It took me so long, but I’m finally going to graduate!” 

When asked what her biggest challenge is, she says, “Getting the kids around to where they need to go. We all have such busy schedules, and we are always running someone somewhere.” She goes on to say, “It’s hard having four kids so close together. I get overwhelmed sometimes.” 

Her greatest joy is to, “watch them grow up, and see them pitching in and helping me. I love to see them working toward something like their dance recital at the end of the year.” Chantal has great hopes for her kids. “I want the foundation I’ve set to set them on the right course for their future.” 

The advice she’d give other single parents is, “In terms of relationships, don’t put too much time and effort into something that’s never going to work out. Live each day. Don’t try and over do everything and stress yourself out about the future. It will get better. It WILL get better.” 

When she thinks about SPP, she thinks of, “All the love they have for single parents. I think of how they are helping single parents. I love the Single Moms Christmas Dinner. I’ll admit, my friend and I went the first year for the food, but it was such an amazing experience, now we make sure to go back year to year. There is so much love given.”

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Chantal, and thank you for sharing your story with us!!  

 Published March 2019

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