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Meet Christine

Christine is a single mom to two young boys and a consultant with a national solid waste and environmental services company. She says, “That leads to interesting conversations at home – about garbage.”

She believes the most important part of her story is not in the past. “It’s what I’m moving toward. I have two fantastic boys who I am trying to raise to be fantastic adults.” Christine says, “I choose to focus on not the situation I cannot control, but my reaction to it, which I can control.”

Christine will be the first to admit that’s not easy. “It’s a challenge to stay positive and not let the weight of everything bring you down. This is a focus of mine for 2020. There’s so much that needs to be done in a day – full time single parent, full time environmental project manager, top cook, cleaner, and bottle washer.” She adds, “Without consciously choosing to find joy in each day in the little moments with your children, it can be overwhelming.”

Her greatest joy is spending quality time with her boys. “Reading together, snuggling in the morning or before bed, adventures like walking through the creek in Ledges, swimming, exploring new parks… any activities where I am purposefully present. Also the amazement as the boys grow and learn – reading, math, soccer games where they don’t all move in a pack – these are exciting times!”

If there was any advice she’d give other single parents it would be, “to learn that, while you can’t control the situation, you can control your reaction to it. A deep breath, a prayer, and trust that God will help you protect your children is where you can find peace. Work to give your children the best life you can with different experiences, a good home, love, and your time.”

“Whether a single parent or not, parenting is hard,” Christine says. “Find that focus and realize that having a conversation at dinner (with two boys it often includes burps and laughs), snuggles before bed, or even throwing a football around are the moments to really cherish. You can’t wait for life to be perfect – you have to take each opportunity to love on your children as they grow so fast!”

When she thinks of Single Parent Provision, she says, “love, positivity, family, and faith come to mind. The way that this community rallies around single parents and provides positive, uplifting support is amazing.” She adds, “(The programs, services, and events) really allow much needed breaths of air – while knowing our kiddos are being well cared for.”

Thank you, Christine, for sharing your story with us!

Published January 2020

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