Meet Cory

If you want to know what faithfulness looks like, take a look at the picture of the man above. Faithfulness is the best word to describe Cory.

For four years straight, Cory has led our Parking Team efforts for our Single Moms Christmas Dinner. This role is SO important, as it helps lead the team ensuring the safety of THOUSANDS getting to and from the event. There are several less-than-glamorous things about serving in this role, but Cory is not detoured by any of them. His heart is focused on being a blessing and filling a vital role, regardless of the conditions that puts him in.  He is a leader in every sense of the word, and we are THANKFUL for him.

Cory, thank you for the wonderful example you set for all of us. Thank you for stepping up to challenges (like when there is unexpected trouble with parking ramps) :) and for going out of your way to make sure people are taken care of.

You are a bright light, Cory, and we THANK YOU!

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