Meet Deb

Deb is no stranger to struggle. In her early childhood, she was raised by a single mom. After her father died when she was 10 and her mother died when she was 12, Deb spent the rest of her childhood between foster and group homes. “I basically raised myself and didn’t really know what I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes and was in a lot of bad relationships. I think I was looking for the love I was missing from my family.”

Deb became a single mom at a young age. “It was hard and I made a lot of bad choices.” As a result of those choices, DHS became involved and removed her children. Deb found it very difficult to break out of her destructive cycle until 2012.

“Everything changed for me in 2012 when I gave my life over to God,” she says. “The darkness that I felt for so long was just gone. He really became my center. I know that I’m a single mom, but I also know he is with me every step of the way. He’s my support.”

Today, Deb is a single mom of seven children of ages ranging from 12 to 28. Her 12-year-old daughter lives with her and Deb is working hard to reconnect with her older kids. “Every day I feel like I’m getting better. If I don’t succeed one day, I get back up and get going again,” says Deb. “My biggest struggle right now is not being able to be there for my kids like I want to. My oldest are in different cities, one is in the military, and the others are doing different things. I struggle not being able to be there when they need me.”

The reminders she tells herself each day echo the same advice she would give other single parents, “Don’t give up. What you’re doing is really important. You might feel like you aren’t appreciated or even loved, but just keep going and know you are doing the best you can. Rely on Jesus, he is the provider.”

Deb first connected with Single Parent Provision in 2016 at the Single Moms Christmas Dinner. “It is such a wonderful event. To be there with all those other single moms. I leave the Christmas Dinner ready to go again, it’s so nice to refuel.” She's stayed connected ever since, and when thinking of SPP says, "I think of love, compassion, and strength."

Deb is hopeful and excited about her future. She says, “I’m not there yet, but I know tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Deb! We celebrate the strides you are making and are grateful to know you and be in your corner!

Published February 2020

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