Meet Melissa

“It was never part of the dream,” says Melissa, a single mom to her teenage daughter. When Melissa got married, she never thought she’d become a single parent. Her marriage ended in divorce several years ago and her ex-husband has since passed away.

Melissa loves being a momma to her daughter. She says, “I’ve loved every age I’ve parented her with every high and low that comes with it. Motherhood has taught me a lot (good and bad) about myself.” She loves being a parent so much, she recently completed foster care classes and is looking forward to being a foster parent for respite care.

Her biggest challenge is being the sole provider for her family. She says, “I struggle feeling that I have to focus on bringing in the money to support my family at the cost of being able to play the role of the mother I want to be. That part is the most exhausting for me.”

Her greatest joy is seeing her daughter grow up. She says, “I love being there to teach her life’s lessons along the way.” She also loves being an aunt. “I’m a very hands-on auntie!”

One of the best lessons she’s learned as a single parent is, “I need to fully surrender to God’s will for me and my child. I need to ask him how to best parent her and how best to approach situations that arise. I’ve realized I can’t parent without the foundation of Christ beneath me.”

When she thinks of Single Parent Provision she thinks of, “a great resource and encouragement.” She says, “I really enjoy the Single Moms Christmas Dinner and inviting other single moms I know to connect and to enjoy a night of fun without being judged.” She says she also thinks of, “an organization with such a commitment to God and a desire to show God’s love is such an encouragement.” She adds, “It’s also great that (SPP) includes single dads too. It’s not only focused on moms, but they are there to support all single parents.”

Melissa, you are a bright light in our lives! Thank you for sharing part of your story with us!

Published October 2018 

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