Meet Tara

Tara is a behind the scenes powerhouse, so this is our opportunity to bring her out into the spotlight!

Tara serves on the SPP Board and is passionate about our mission. She is enthusiastic to share with others about the work we do and is fearless about inviting others to be part of it. Tara is serving as this year's Single Moms Christmas Dinner Sponsorship Chair, so if you see her between now and the event, expect to be asked about being involved! (You've been warned.)

Joined by her wonderful family, Tara, her husband, and their kiddos have helped serve at Break Time and are willing to jump in to help wherever there is a need.

Tara, you are a blessing to those served and to those who serve alongside you. Thank you for being a difference maker in the lives of many!

Published October 2018

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