Meet Josh

Josh is a single dad to his eight-year-old son who we’ve had the honor of knowing for several years. For Josh, the road to becoming a single parent was difficult, as he watched his relationship deteriorate due to destructive behavior and then spent two years in court battles over custody. He says, “It was an eye opening, character building experience.”

Josh says being a single parent has been tough at times. “His mom is not in the picture, so I’ve been his only parent since he was two.” He says, “I’ve learned to be a MacGyver parent to try to figure it out and fit it all in.”

One of the biggest challenges he faces is to balance career, being the sole provider, a good dad, and daily life. He says, “You beat yourself up and feel like there is more you could give, even though there’s not.” He says, “That’s where we just need to take a deep breath and do the best we can.” He says it’s important, “not to put the pressure I feel on my son. I’m careful not to let him feel that.”

Josh, who continues to see his eleven-year-old step daughter one weekend a month, says one of the joys of being a single parent is, “I get double the hugs, double the snuggles, and share an extra special connection with my son.”

The advice Josh would offer other single parents is simple. He says, “Work to find something positive to start your day with and do your best.”

When he thinks of Single Parent Provision, he thinks of happiness. “Every event I’ve been to everyone seems so happy. I’ve always been greeted with a happy environment and know I’m around people who truly care.” He says, “It’s so wonderful to have an organization who gets the challenges we face.” 

Thank you, Josh, for sharing and for your encouragement!

 Published November 2018

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