Meet Kathy

Most who have been around Single Parent Provision for very long have already met her. Kathy has been a part of the fabric of SPP for many years and can best be summed up with the word FAITHFUL. Anyone who knows Kathy knows her heart for Christ beams. She oozes His love, and His ways are always impressed upon her heart. We are fortunate enough to be a recipient of her living out her love for Him. 

It would be a shorter list to tell you the things Kathy has NOT helped with over the years than to tell you all of the things she's done. Kathy has helped with numerous events, programs, and services. She loves to pray, she loves to serve, she loves to give, she loves to help, she loves to encourage, she loves to reach out, she loves to listen, she loves to share, she loves to advocate, and she loves to LOVE! Kathy is SUCH a LIGHT, and we are so thankful for the many things that are better just by having her a part of them.

Thank you, Kathy!!!

June 2020

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