Meet Laura

Life transformed for Laura when she was pregnant with twin boys. Seeking a better life for her family, she made some hard changes and decided to quit using. She started a 12-step program that had a spiritual component and although felt a connection with God at the time, she didn’t go any deeper into a relationship with Him. Soon after, she found herself attending a church service. Laura was struggling with anxiety and PTSD and hoped she could remain invisible at the back of the room. She felt like if someone were to see her, they would question why she was there and possibly ask her to leave. Instead, she met a lady that invited her to join a book study. “The second time I went to the study something clicked. I felt comfortable right away and realized I wanted to be there. Now I want to talk about God all of the time!” Laura was eventually baptized and continued to attend the church. Although her boys were reluctant at first, they love going now and are growing more every day. “Their relationship with God is so beautiful it makes me cry. I think about where I am in life right now versus seven years ago, and I get overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Laura has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which has required different surgeries throughout her life. “My boys are always gracious with me when they know I am exhausted. They seem to be well-behaved on my bad days. But I push through it because there is no other option.” Laura has also battled mental health issues throughout her life. “Seven years ago, I tried to commit suicide and actually died. I flatlined. But for a fact, I know the reason I am still here is God. Even the doctors couldn’t explain how I survived. I have been through all sorts of trauma, but I don’t regret it or wish that it would change because it has made me who I am now. I don’t play the victim anymore because I am a survivor. And now God is using my story to show His glory and what He can do. I am grateful that I can see that now.”

 One of Laura’s joys is being able to watch her kids succeed with different activities. Whether that means something at school, at church, or their beautiful connection with God, seeing their success makes her heart smile. “I also love the calm days that we have at home when everyone is getting along and no one is fighting. When things are going smoothly it helps me to feel like, ‘Yes! I’m doing this mom thing!’” Laura also said that caffeine, structure, and starting her day off with God is giving her life right now.

Laura shared that Single Parent Provision has given her the support she needs when she needs it. “One of the biggest things that you’ve done to help me is check in on me. It’s nice to know people are thinking about me, and I never feel forgotten. I’m always met with love and never judgement. It’s a place where I know I will be understood.”

Laura would love for other single parents to know that although life is hard, “we need to give ourselves some grace. It’s okay to have bad days. Give yourself credit for what you are doing and focus on the good. What we do as single parents is amazing!”

We are grateful for God’s work in you, Laura! Thank you for being a part of the SPP community!

Published October 2020

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