Meet Nora

Nora recognizes her story has been authored by God, as she has sought to follow Him throughout her life. She was born into a large family but was the first of its nine kids to move away. She came to Iowa in the early 1990s with her then husband and young son. Nora started working at a local hospital then became a single parent while carrying her second son. She entered a two-year program that gave her the help she needed to provide a life for her two children. Nora started a new job and as her success in the company grew, she got a promotion. But what should have been a welcomed increase in salary was clouded by the cut in her childcare assistance. As Nora prayed about what to do, she felt God tell her to apply for a position at the daycare her two boys were a part of which became a rich blessing to her and her family.

Nora’s boys are now 29 and 26 years old, with one now living in a different state. “I just love them and want the best for them. I pray for their hearts. There is no greater joy than being able to see your children walking in the truth.”

Reminiscing about the challenges she had as a single parent when raising her children, Nora remembers a time when the car that she had been given was having some trouble. A mechanic at a dealership informed her that she would need all new tires, but she did not have any cash to be able to get them. As she drove away, she prayed that God would provide. “I didn’t know how he would do it, but I knew God would take care of me.” As she pulled up to the daycare, a parent stopped her and asked if she had any needs. Feeling the prompting of God, she quietly told them about her tires. The very next day, she was handed an envelope with 3 $100 bills. Later that same day, another card was given to her with another $100! God had indeed provided, just as she knew he would!

Nora’s greatest joys in life have always been her children and her Bible. She has been blessed to use the spiritual gifts that God has given her to lead and teach so many precious children through her time at the daycare. Now she is finding herself walking into a new season of using her gifts to reach out to other single moms, share her story, and find ways to help ease their burdens. She tells the moms in her life to always “put God first, let him be the one. Allow him to heal your heart and the hearts of your children. And get in a church. Even if you feel like an outsider, just keep going. When you are in an army and you need help, they send in the troops. Well the church is God’s army and if you need help, they are there to help you. You don’t need to feel alone or ashamed.”

Nora would like people to know that they can pray and ask God what they can do to specifically help the single parents in their lives. “It is easy to feel judged or like people want to give but also control how you use the gift, which doesn’t feel good. By asking God what you can do to help, he will show you how you can be a part of easing single parents’ burdens.” 

Nora has been a delightful part of Single Parent Provision for many years. She says SPP has “been an inspiration with their heart and general care for single parents. They are doing marvelous things and outrageously touching God’s heart and compassion for each of them.”

Nora, thank you for sharing your story with us! As you seek the Lord for this new season, we pray for open doors and lives to be touched by your journey!

Published June 2020

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