Meet Richard

When asked what is giving him life right now, Richard says, “My kids. Hands down, my kids. We are happy and there is a lot of laughter in our lives.” Life has not always been so easy for Richard, but he has chosen to make the most of it. He describes his single parent journey as a roller coaster, but it is marked with great moments thanks to his two young daughters, who are his source of joy. 

“It’s a lot more challenging being a single parent. There aren’t two people around that have each other to help with everything. You don’t have a choice; you have to do it all.” Richard says it can be rough to have to balance working full-time and taking care of his daughters’ needs. “They have friends and appointments to keep track of and it can be tiring sometimes, but it is still a lot of fun.” Another big challenge is how fast time can pass and “keeping up with their growth! They grow so fast!” 

Richard’s greatest joys in life are all wrapped up in his two daughters. “The cuddles! I get a lot of them. It’s one of my favorite things when they cuddle up next to me.” The three of them also spend a lot of time fishing together, going to the park to play, and coloring. “Some of my favorite memories are just riding around in my truck with my girls. They love it!” 

If Richard could give one piece of advice to other single parents, it would be to not give up. “That’s the most important thing. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. You will get knocked down, but you’ve got to brush yourself off and start again. Just don’t give up.”

When Covid-19 struck, like many people, Richard’s hours were cut at work. After paying for bills and rent, he found himself without much leftover cash. “I was really struggling. It was my oldest daughter’s birthday and she already couldn’t see her friends.” Richard wanted to be able to make the day special for her but was not sure what he would be able to do. The day before her birthday, Single Parent Provision dropped off a care package to him and his girls, not previously knowing it was her birthday! “She was able to get some new toys and she had a wonderful birthday.”

Thank you for sharing part of your story with us, Richard! We are grateful to know you and we celebrate God’s provision with you! 

Published May 2020

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