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Meet Christina

“I know that I am not less of a parent because it is just me. In fact, I often feel like I have to try harder because I play every role without any support.” Christina is a proud mom of four boys. She moved to Iowa just over a year ago with the only father her boys have known in search of a different life. A recovering addict, Christina has been clean for over five years. “My ex and I got sick together but then we got clean together.” Due to various circumstances, however, the two separated.

Since then, Christina has raised her boys on her own. “I am a lot more responsible now. It’s hard because I’ve been through some things. But after having my first child I became self-reliant. I realize now that it really all depends on me, and I need to set an example for them. We work on talking about our feelings and processing them together. They help me know that I can be strong and do anything.”

Even though living in a new state without family and friends around was difficult, her youngest son was finding the help he needed at school. “He was in second grade but not even at kindergarten level. The school district we are in put a team of people around him, and he started making improvements right away. Now, as he sits around reading books, I could just cry!” Because of the strong support she has received from the school, Christina has decided to stay put for the time being.

Being on her own is difficult, but Christina has found the support she needs. “I had an amazing church back home that I miss every day. It was tough to try to replace that at first, but we have found a place now where we are happy and feel love and acceptance while we are there.” Besides conversations with her best friend from home (and Diet Dr Pepper!), the fuel that keeps Christina going has been her growing relationship with God. “I am working on reprogramming my brain and changing habits and behaviors that I have had for years. The book Winning the War in Your Mind (by Craig Groeschel) has been really helpful for me.”

It can be a challenge for Christina to find balance and time to unwind. She does so by going to the gym and focusing on her greatest joys – her kids. “All of the times I hear ‘Mommy, I love you’ and the crazy, silly, little things the boys do bring me joy. Seeing the looks on their faces helps me to know that I will do whatever it takes to provide them the opportunities to do the things they want to do and help them to succeed. Seeing them happy is the number one thing for me.” Christina would also encourage other single parents, “Don’t give up. Look for the positive around you and look for God in everything. If you aren’t where you want to be, then stop and look at which way God may be leading you. This is still a growth thing for me, but I am working on it!”

We met Christina for the first time at the 10th Anniversary Christmas Dinner where her employer not only sponsored a table but invited Christina to attend. Since then, she has been an active part of Single Parent Provision attending Break Time and Workshops, and we have been delighted to get to know her. Christina, thank you for sharing your journey with us! We look forward to continuing to walk with you and your beautiful family.

Published April 2022

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