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Meet Danielle

“I was on my own at 17 years old and living a life of parties and drinking. At 19 I became pregnant. It was a wakeup call for me.” With a difficult upbringing, Danielle knew she hadn’t been making the best decisions with her life. Becoming pregnant made her realize it was time to make some changes. “I wanted to start fresh and have a new life, but I also thought I wasn’t capable of doing that. So, I prayed and asked God to help me find peace and a quiet life.”

As Danielle and her daughter began their new life together, she became aware of unhealed trauma from her childhood that was affecting her relationships and mental health. As she started working through these things with a doctor and counselor, she began to see her faith in God strengthened. “I took a step back and realized God was taking care of us; His grace was holding me together. I began to want more of that and to learn to forgive and let go. It’s a challenge, but I know it is bigger than just me and I am trying.”

Danielle found support in her relationship with Jesus and the people who surrounded her. “I found groups online and through the church, and I learned about Single Parent Provision.” Danielle has since been an active participant in many of the programs and events offered by Single Parent Provision. “SPP has been such a huge blessing. It can be hard to accept help when you are used to doing it all on your own, but here there is always support and understanding. I’ve met people that I can talk to and have been so inspired by the stories of others. We are all different people with different circumstances, yet we have this common bond and it’s very encouraging!”

Through her healing journey, Danielle has learned more about herself and what it means to have healthy boundaries. Seeing her mom go through so much and watching her journey has given Danielle’s daughter a closer bond with her mom. “We work on breaking unhealthy cycles together. I want to be able to set her up for success as she grows. She is so talented and such a good friend and listener to those around her. Children of single parents are often resourceful and resilient because they understand what it takes to get up every day. And I know God loves her even more than I do, so I want to continually try to pour into her.”

What began as a journey where Danielle felt like she would fail and not be able to provide for her family has turned into a story of faith and strength. “I have learned about my identity in Christ, I have coping tools to help me in any situation, and I see every day as a blessing now.” With this positive outlook, Danielle is finding a future of healing for herself and her daughter. “Many single parents have a story that begins with trauma, but we can be healed and change the narrative. God promises beauty through ashes, and we can find the beauty if we look at the bigger picture of God’s hand at work in our lives.”

Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your inspiring journey with us! We are so glad you are a part of the Single Parent Provision community!

Published May 2022

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