Meet Kristi

“I loved my story and who I was. I was happily married and living a life that everyone wanted.” Kristi believed she was living the life of her dreams early on in her marriage. She had grown up in an amazing Christian family with parents who have been married for over 50 years. She was athletic and musical, valedictorian of her high school, and active in her youth group. After graduating with a double major from ISU, she met her husband and soon got married. He became a successful entrepreneur and she a teacher, and they enjoyed the life they had together. “People would tell us we were like Barbie and Ken and wished they had our life.”

After struggling with infertility for many years, on a trip to Hawaii Kristi found herself praying, “God you know my heart and my desire to be a mom. I want to love my own baby, but if not, I will love on the school kids you give me every year.” After giving these desires of her heart to God, she believed she received a sign when coming across a unique pink and white striped shell not normally found in the area. She believed at that moment she would have a daughter and soon after, she did. “She really was my miracle baby.” 

When their daughter was only 18 months old, Kristi’s family moved to Hawaii for several years. Shortly after moving back, however, she noticed her husband was “acting strange…and not being himself.” She says he had been, “leading a double life and that he decided to leave and take almost everything with him.” Kristi took her daughter and moved in with her mom. Soon after losing the dream-like life she believed she had, she also found out she had cancer. She found herself praying, “God, why is this my story? I don’t know why you chose me to be here, but You have to hold me, carry me, and be my strength because all I want is to be a good mom for my daughter.”

As the months turned into years, Kristi’s health declined as she endured cancer treatments. She put her daughter in school after having homeschooled her until then and began to regain her strength. As she was able, she took jobs as a substitute teacher and tutor to help make ends meet. As Kristi’s daughter grew up, she taught her how to pray, be brave, and use her voice to stand up for herself when she needed to. “She is a people pleaser, and I would be worried that she would say yes to things she didn’t want to do.” 

Kristi knows her journey went from seemingly having it all, to watching everything fall apart around her, to recognizing she has all she needs with her faith in God and her amazing daughter at her side. “We have a victory story. He has set so many things in our hearts and our lives, it’s a miracle.”

Now, Kristi is adjusting to a new phase of life with her daughter in college. “I’ve been in such a protective role but in this new chapter I’m releasing her into God’s best for her and that is a huge adjustment for me.” But Kristi continues to look on the bright side of life and takes the time to encourage everyone that she meets, whether that is an old friend or someone she just met. “Everyone is walking some kind of journey and so many people are hurting or grieving something. But we can get out there, make a difference and bring a little kindness, caring, and hope to their lives. God cares for our every need and holds us close to His heart. We may be broken, but we are deeply loved.”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kristi! Your faithfulness through your journey will be an inspiration to so many!

Published February 2022

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