Meet Sammons

It’s rare we would highlight an entire group, but the volunteer efforts from the employees of Sammons Financial Group compel us to!

Sammons was the Event Sponsor of the 9th Annual Single Moms Christmas Dinner at Home Edition, but not only did they make a generous financial gift, the employees of this team flooded our doors with help to make it happen! There was a constant revolving door of Sammons’ employees in and out of our office leading up to the event, along with many of them helping the night of! They didn’t volunteer out of obligation, rather they did it from a place of joy and great care! Not only did they show up to help, they asked questions and inquired further about our mission and why we do what we do. It was a great delight to have so many of them a part of living out our mission.

Thank you to the entire Sammons team! 

March 2021

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