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Meet the Huet Family

This family oozes service. They are constantly in the game and not on the sidelines, so-to-speak. They are on the offense ready to respond to opportunities God puts before them and where their contributions can make a difference. And WOW do they make a difference to SPP!

The last two years, as a family, they've engaged in SO MANY different ways from wrapping gifts, loading trucks, organizing, setting up events, stuffing, sorting, and on and on! And they have the most delightful attitude while doing these things! This year, they also offered and provided a portable heater for our storage area to help the many workers coming in and out be more comfortable. They seek to find ways they can help and don't delay in taking action to jump right in.

Thank you, Huet family!  We are so grateful for your help and the wonderful example you are to many.

February 2021

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