Oxygen Needed

08/08/2014 1:00 PM | Teahl Bader (Administrator)

"If you're traveling with small children, please secure your mask first before assisting your child."  -We've all been in a plane and heard the flight attendant give such instructions.  And many of us have likely recognized how relevant those instructions are in situations other than just flying.  In order to be able to "assist your child" best we, as parents, need to make sure we are getting the oxygen we need.  Once the flow of oxygen has begun, we will have put ourselves in a better position to give of ourselves to our children. 

Single parents know all too well how much that time to breathe is needed, yet often times single parents do not build those intentional breaks into their schedules.  Maybe there is a financial barrier in getting a sitter or maybe there is guilt involved in taking some time for themselves.  Whatever the reason, the need to recharge still remains, and Single Parent Provision is providing the opportunity for single parents to take that break via Break Time.  For some, taking a break might involve taking a solo trip to the store or running other errands; for others it might mean sitting in silence and reading a book or meeting a friend for coffee.  While how the break is spent might look different for each single parent, the importance of getting the oxygen flowing remains the same. 

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