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Valentine's Day - A Day to Celebrate!

02/13/2015 5:00 PM | Teahl Bader (Administrator)

It's no secret Valentine's Day comes with a bit of controversy. There are those who enthusiastically embrace the sea of red, the flowers, the candy, and the many heart-shaped items that seem to surround us this time of year. There are also those who boycott the day altogether refusing to participate in something that in their minds should be celebrated throughout the year, not just on one day. Wherever you find yourself on the Valentine's Day spectrum, many single parents have a unique relationship with this day. 

For single parents with no interest in dating, the day may seem obsolete.  For others, the day may come as a sharp reminder of having a relationship status they wish was different. Some parents who are single may feel as though Valentine's Day shines a giant spotlight on what they feel to be a hole, magnifying their desire to have a significant other in their life.

Regardless of each person's view of this February 14th occasion, the day presents an opportunity to see through the fog of balloons, cards, and flowers and recognize what's at it's core...love. Knowing love is from God and God is love (1 John 4:7-8) can give the day all new meaning! It allows us to take our eyes off of the worldly things surrounding Valentine's Day, as well as our particular relationship status, and instead fix our eyes on the greatest love relationship available to us...the one with our Lord and Savior. Knowing God gave us the ultimate sacrificial gift out of His love for us makes Valentine's Day a day to celebrate!

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